Stock Management

Vision Commerce Features


Capable of handling stock management operations and automating many of your manual tasks, Vision commerce can save your business time and money.


Process AreasFeatures
Stock ManagementMultiple warehouse locations
Stock transfers
Stock adjustments
Price adjustments
Automated reconcilliation
Paid and unpaid customer reserves
Components management (BOM)
Trade & Store customer reserves
Warehouse costings
Under bond & Free circulation status
En-primeur allocation
Goods InwardsStock purchases orders
Back-to-back orders
Purchase invoice management
Stock returns management
Paid reserve accounts
Electronic goods recieved
Ex-Cellar purchases
Goods OutwardsStock sales orders
Customer reserve orders
Credit management
Order allocation management
Invoice management
5 tier pricing structure
Vision ePOS integration
Electronic order files to warehouse
Credit invoice management
Electronic PDF invoicing
Sales Order Acknowledgements
En-Primeur orders
Ex-Cellar orders
Duty & VAT invoicing