WMS Interfaces


Advances in technology have provided us with new means of communication, providing more accurate 'just-in-time' and 'real-time' information to be passed between you and your customer.

Vision EDI is an optional module for Vision Warehousing that provides EDI functionality allowing you to communicate with your customer more effectively.
We use traditional CSV alongside built-in XML technology. For those who haven't taken the same technological leap, we also provide Excel compatible data and PDF.

In order to keep flexibility for communications, we can send using costly traditional EDI, FTP or email.

Integration with Vision Warehousing also allows flexibility in which reports are sent out, and which recipients they are sent to. These options can be easily configured in the matrix within Vision Warehousing or through the 3PL customer website.


From the Customer

  • Pre-Advice (Customer purchases)
  • Product / Stock info
  • Despatch orders
  • Transfers
  • Stock management


To the Customer

  • Goods received in warehouse
  • Product stock snapshot
  • Rotation stock snapshot
  • Order acknowledgement
  • EDi order problem
  • Orders processed
  • Orders on hold
  • Picked order confirmation
  • Despatched order confirmation
  • Delivered
  • POD confirmation
  • Stock adjustments
  • Distribution management report
  • Stock management report
  • Stock audit report
  • Invoices - Goods In, Goods Out, Storage & Distribution
  • Acquisition VAT Summary
  • Duty & Vat
  • Cash deferment payment demand
  • Duty enquiry


Process AreaFeatures
From the CustomerPre-Advice (Customer purchases)
Product/Stock info
Despatch orders
Stock Management