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Vision ePOD


Vision ePOD brings a whole new dimension to your distribution and logistics operation.
No longer do your delivery drivers need to carry around scrappy bits of paper on which customers must scribble their name - ePOD replaces paper with an electronic handheld device.
ePOD is an electronic proof of delivery system which integrates directly into your Vision Distribution application to provide real-time data feeds between your drivers and central office.


How it works - In the Office

Once you have set the ePOD options for a vehicle, any delivery plans for that vehicle will be available to the driver once it has been finalised.

Once the driver confirms that he has left the depot, ETAs are calculated for all deliveries on the route. You can see at a glance the order in which the deliveries have been scheduled and the estimated times for each. If you are making a third-party delivery, your customer can be provided with confirmation that the delivery has left the depot and the delivery window.

As the driver makes deliveries, statuses, locations and (if required) returns are displayed on the planning screen. These updates can also be fed directly to your client.


How it works - On the Road

Using the Vision ePOD handheld device, the driver can download his delivery manifest once the transport office has finalised it, allowing the driver to modify the sort order of each drop using his knowledge of the route.

Once the driver has confirmed his leaving the depot, ETAs are calculated for each delivery. Should a delay occur the driver simply tells the system and if required, this update can be passed onto your client.

At the point of delivery, the Vision ePOD device allows the driver to not only confirm a clean delivery by capturing a signature but also to fail a delivery completely or partially. Should there be a delivery problem, the driver has to select a pre-defined reason - this, in turn, is transferred back to Vision Distribution for re-scheduling or to Vision Warehousing as a return back to stock.

As an additional security measure, Vision ePOD can request a PIN code on the delivery. This PIN code is used to ensure the delivery is being made to the correct customer, which is essential for high-value goods.



  • Drivers' daily manifests are transferred automatically to their handheld device
  • Vision Distribution is updated in real time for deliveries completed
  • Remaining delivery times are re-calculated automatically based on calculated time between postcodes
  • Electronic transfer for customers' signature and acknowledgement
  • Third-party real-time information
  • High-value goods security



  • Reduces carbon footprint by reducing the amount of paper you use
  • No space required to store paper PODs
  • Better communication to your customers for delivery status
  • More accurate insight into drivers’ daily activity
  • Improves delivery efficiency
  • You can make changes to drivers’ manifests in seconds
  • Presents modern, professional image to customers


Further Information

For more information on Vision ePOD or any of our software products, please call us on 0330 100 4590.