3PL Client Access

3PL Client Access


Access to information is something that is essential to businesses.

Complete visibility is essential in today's environment. It's no longer acceptable to tell your clients that they'll receive their reports tomorrow - your customers want reports instantly.

Vision Customer Information System (VCIS) has been developed to provide instant access for your customers.

VCIS provides access to stock information, allowing customers to advise you of goods arriving and provide delivery destinations. Customers also have the ability to view and track selivery and order statuses, as well as access to over 30 reports which can be exported in Word, Excel, PDF & CSV. Accounts can also be managed.

VCIS is a web-based customer tool that is scalable, providing ease of use whether you have a handful of customers, or tens of thousands.


Process AreaFeatures
Vision WarehousingPre-advice
Product management
Stock information
Despatch goods
Vision DistributionDelivery tracking
EPOD notifications
Signed POD (Proof of delivery)
Electronic POD
Delivery Costings
Vision EDIAbility to configure reports
Notification settings
Vision InvoicingView invoices
Copy invoices
Payments online