Fully automated, one-button operation

  • Daily Declarations
    • W5 - Excise Warehouse Remittance Advice for Alcohol Goods
    • W5D - Excise Warehouse Deferment Advice for Alcohol Goods
    • W6 - Excise Warehouse Remittance Advice for Tobacco Goods
    • W6D - Excise Warehouse Deferment Advice for Tobacco Goods
    • Duty Demand for Cash Deferment Customers - delivered by email
    • Cash Deferments Reports for Accounts Department with Import to Accounts System
    • Daily Excise Summary - delivered by email as a pdf
  • Month End
    • W1 - Excise Warehouse Return
    • Stock Balance & Reconciliation
  • ATWD
    • Daily Duty declarations
    • End of Month declarations
  • CFSP
    • Payment of Customs Duty (SDW)
    • Monthly FSD


Daily Operations

Vision Bond creates real-time reports and transmissions on demand.

  • EMCS Declarations for:
    • Intra-UK Movements (previously known as W8)
    • EC Movements (previously known as AAD & SAAD)
    • Fall-back Documentation
  • Exports using HMRC form C88


HMRC CHIEF Electronic Submissions

Since April 2009, Vision Bond has provided functionality for submission to HMRC and with enhancements to HMRC's capabilities over the past few years Vision Bond, has kept pace with these new developments allowing businesses using Vision Bond to send all information relating to their imports and exports electronically to HMRC.

  • CFSP - Customs Duty Payments
  • EMCS - European and UK Underbond Movements
  • ATWD - Electronic Warrant Submissions (W1 -> W6D)


Cash Deferments

If you pay duty on behalf of your clients then we have built-in functionality within Vision Bond to provide you with all the required functions and options to make the process easy including automatically send your customer a duty demand and scheduling direct debits.
Cash deferments are controlled as if they are a sales ledger account; you set the credit limit for customs & excise duties and you decide at which point authorisation of orders must commence.


Full HMRC Audit Trail

Full transaction audit trail available online for as long as you wish to keep the data.  HMRC stipulate 7 years after the final stock movement, designed to keep up to 20 years of information within the system. Archiving each year’s data within an individual data file will allow the system to continue operating at optimum performance.