The basic ATWD allows you to send warrants electronically via a secure web portal but still holds many of the same operational issues that standard paper warrants do.
Additionally, the probability of an entry being miss-keyed is high and paper copies are still needed.


The Electronic ATWD (ATWD XML)

The Electronic ATWD or ATWD XML is typically the best answer.
Simply put it is a link from the warehouse keepers system to HMRC; no paper warrants, no sending copies, no storing copies and no double keying entries.


Main advantages of the Electronic ATWD / ATWD XML

  • Submissions become part of the system rather than taking time out of the working day
  • No transposition errors as the data is taken directly from the system
  • Instant verification of submissions
  • No more paper W1, W5, W5D, W6 or W6D Returns to post or store

Consider a warehouse that is using the standard ATWD service; they have 50 returns per day, taking around 4 minutes each… around half of one user's time every day will be taken up simply keying the returns. With Vision Warehousing and ATWD XML, it will take minutes.


The ATWD XML and Vision Warehousing

Vision Warehousing is sophisticated stock processing and warehouse management software for all warehouse types including bonded and third party.

Vision Warehousing is HMRC approved and will be one of the first warehouse management applications to link with the ATWD XML service.


Who can use ATWD?

The service can be used by authorised warehouses that need to be pre-registered.


Find out more about the ATWD

The best place to find out about the ATWD is the HMRC website.