3PL Charging

3PL Charging


Specifically designed for customers who provide delivery services for their clients, whether 3PL or 4PL, the charging matrix is designed to cope with any charging structure you can think of.


From a very simplistic single UK charge, the system can be divided into multiple areas with corresponding charges as well as differential pricing for goods starting their journey in different areas.


Pallet and case charging are standard in the system and customers can be individually switched between the two. Additionally, you can give your customer very specific pricing for a postcode, a region, a country or a granular as an individual delivery address.


As customer profitability is key, there are a number of reports available to provide you with appropriate management information.
Additional charges, such as fuel surcharge, can be set at global or customer level.


When it comes to invoicing your customers, we have a flexible system that allows you to invoice your customers on demand or at scheduled intervals. Your clients are also able to receive their invoice electronically as a PDF with an accompanying CSV file for further analysis. The invoicing application will also interface with your financial system, eliminating the need for double keying and removing costly input errors.




  • Postal code derived
  • Ability to have regions and areas
  • Pallet or case pricing
  • Source depot specific pricing
  • Individual customer configuration
    • for specific pricing
    • for delivery point pricing
    • for delivery depot allocation
  • Surcharges & Additional Charges
  • Sliding band matrix
  • Minimum charges
  • Electronic invoicing