Vision EPOD for Distribution


Vision ePOD brings a whole new dimension to your distribution and logistics operation.
No longer do your delivery drivers need to carry around scrappy bits of paper on which customers must scribble their name - ePOD replaces paper with an electronic handheld device.
ePOD is an electronic proof of delivery system which integrates directly into your Vision Distribution application to provide real-time data feeds between your drivers and central office.


How it works

Delivery plans are set within Vision Distribution by your office staff and transferred in real time to your drivers.
As the driver makes deliveries, you will receive updates as to your driver's location and deliveries they have made, as well as any problems they may encounter, such as delays due to traffic.
These updates are fed directly into Vision Distribution which automatically recalculates the ETA for the driver's remaining deliveries, updating your customers on when they can expect their packages.



  • Drivers' daily manifests are transferred automatically to their handheld device
  • Vision Distribution is updated in real time for deliveries completed
  • Remaining delivery times are re-calculated automatically based on calculated time between postcodes
  • Electronic transfer for customers signature and acknowledgement



  • Reduced carbon footprint by reducing the amount of paper you use
  • No space required to store paper PODs
  • Better communication to your customers for delivery status
  • More accurate insight into drivers daily activities
  • Improves delivery efficiency
  • Changes can be made to drivers' manifests in seconds
  • Presents a modern, professional image to customers


Further Information

For more information on Vision ePOD or any of our software products call us on 0330 100 4590.