Cloud vs Local

Cloud vs. Local


Vision Software offers server hosting services to all customers who purchase any of our software packages.


Cloud / Hosted Servers

In a nutshell, we provide the server, which comes installed and configured with your Vision application. The server is hosted in our data centre which your users access remotely via an application delivery package, such as Microsoft Remote Desktop, Citrix XenApp, or Quest vWorkspace.

The server can be purchased outright or rented from us on a monthly basis. The server will be specified to meet the requirements of the software configuration you have chosen.

We provide the bandwidth, SLAs, backup, redundancy, and maintenance of the server, as well as securing the firewall in a secure cabinet, behind our network core firewalls.


SaaS Rental

Customers who choose the rental option will normally be provided with a cloud/hosted server - however, we are more than happy for you to have that server on your premises. If you choose this option, you will be fully supported as we retain the ownership.

Alternatively, if you have a suitable server already we can install the rented software on that.


Reducing Costs

A hosted server is an ideal solution for customers who wish to keep their initial cost outlay to a minimum as both the server and software can be leased or financed from us.



We handle all the day to day maintenance of the server, including updates, virus and spyware protection. Ensuring the server remains stable and reliable.


Further Information

We are able to provide a configuration of server(s) required to run the Vision software you have purchased, be it leased, financed, or bought outright, and whether it is hosted with us, or located at your own offices.

For more information please speak to our sales team on 0330 100 4590 or use the contact form, found here.


Windows Compatibility

Vision Suite is compatible with Windows® 10 and Windows® 8.