Third Party System Integration


Vision Commerce offers multiple interfaces enabling you to communicate with your customers, suppliers, hauliers, shippers and warehouses. The latest XML formats are supported, as well as more traditional CSV files.

Electronic integration can reduce your carbon footprint by lowering the amount of paper you use.


Process AreaFeatures
WarehousePurchase orders
Product codes
Stock reconciliation
Goods recieved
Confirmed orders processed
POD confirmations
Duty (for Excise & Customs Warehouses)
Invoicing (Goods In, Goods Out & Rental Storage)
Suppliers & ShippersPurchase orders
Shipping Notifications
GeneralCustomer Imports
Sales Order Imports
Sales Order Imports
Price List Imports
- Product
- Customer
- Standard
Web Interfaces
From the CustomerPre-advice (Customer purchases)
Product/Stock info
Despatch orders
Stock management