Whilst Vision Commerce does not include a specific e-commerce function we have worked hard to ensure that it offers integration to customers who operate such services.

E-commerce retailers can access and export vital data directly from Vision Commerce to their chosen platform.

There are three options via which customers may achieve this:


Web Standard CSV


The Web Standard CSV service gives the ability to send an extract of the product file, ready to be presented to browsing customers searching for your goods.

The extract can be scheduled to run on a daily, twice daily or hourly basis as you require.

It exports static data relating to a single price list of your goods.


Web Standard CSV Pros

  • Ease of Use: Setup is extremely easy
  • Schedulable: Daily, Hourly, or whatever suits your trading style
  • Most web developers will be able to work with it

Web Standard CSV Cons

  • The data is simplistic in that only one price list is exported
  • Only category data associated with products is transferred so product lookups may not be fully inclusive
  • The data is static and does not include transactions made offline


Web Live Look


The Web Live Look service gives much greater detail than the aforementioned CSV, and as its name implies, it is a live feed.

You have access to all product and price list information along with full product code analysis.

We also send customer-specific details on pricing, history and reserves.

With Web Live Look, you can properly support returning customers or private clients, giving them access to their purchase history, current balance (in the case of account customers) and visibility of paid reserves to private clients.


Web Live Look Pros

  • Greater level of data
  • Customer interactivity

Web Live Look Cons

  • Not all web developers will be able to get the most from the data available


Web Live Orders


Web Live Orders allows your website to send orders back into Vision Commerce.

It can be used with Web Standard CSV, Web Live Look or on its own.

If customer details are known, then orders can be placed against customers for reporting or sending back to the web via Live Look.


Web Live Orders Pros

  • Saves time and reduces errors as orders are sent directly to Vision Commerce

Web Live Orders Cons

  • As with Web Live look, greater knowledge is needed on behalf of your web developer to send data back into the system.